January 17, 2016
Garage Shelves Update - New Plans

I recently completed a series of posts on learning woodworking and building garage shelves. The first post in that series can be found here, along with plans to build the same set of shelves: Link

I was pretty happy with how the shelves came out! The only point of dissatisfaction I had with the build was the price - it was driven up considerably since I was using Simpson Strong Ties for the joints. So, I decided to revise the plans and make a second set of shelves using only lumber and lag bolts.

The new plans have the exact same dimensions but have slightly different positioning of the crossbeams. I designed everything to make it very easy to assemble. After finalizing the plans and purchasing the materials, I built the new set of shelves over the course of a single day. 

Here's what the new shelves look like:

Comparison of the new shelf and the old one - as you can see they're exactly the same size.

Each joint is held together with five lag screws - two screws attaching the long crossbeam to the post, two hidden screws attaching the short crossbeam to the post, and one screws attaching the two crossbeams together. This is almost certainly overbuilt, but I figure if it's worth doing it's worth overdoing. Here's a detail of one of the joints:

The image on the left shows the outside of the joint and the three visible screws. The right image gives an idea of how the joint actually "works", and shows one of the two hidden screws

If you have followed my woodworking intro series then you'll have enough skills to put this new design together. I used the following materials:

  • (12) 2" x 4" x 96" whitewood studs, cut as follows:
    • 4 cut down to 80" for the posts
    • 8 cut down to a 60" length and a 27" length for the crossbeams
  • (4) 3/8" x 4' x 8' partical board for the shelf surfaces
  • (48) 5/16" 3" Plated Lag Screws for joining the crossbeams to the posts
  • (32) 5/16" 2.5" Lag Screws for joining the crossbeams to each other

I purchased this all from Home Depot for a total cost of around $100.

If you want to build these same shelves, the plans are below. I've included the screws as part of the plans.

Download full sized plans here

Have fun! I'm currently working on a set of bookshelves which I will post about upon completion.