April 17, 2016
Using Docusign and Salesforce To Simplify and Automate Student Forms

I recently gave a presentation at the Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 2016 on building integrations between Salesforce and DocuSign.

The presentation focused on two types of integrations:

  1. Integrations in which data flows from Salesforce to DocuSign. The most prominent use case of this is using Salesforce to pre-fill a DocuSign form with data from a Salesforce object. It turns out that, in higher ed at least, people really want prefill!
    The Docusign for Salesforce managed package is the right tool for this job.
  2. Integrations in which data flows from DocuSign to Salesforce. The best use case for this is performing actions in Salesforce based on completed DocuSign forms. The Docusign Connect functionality allows this - you can use either the basic Salesforce connector to perform very simple integrations, or use a custom connector attached to a custom middleware for more complex integrations. Personally, I'm a huge fan of getting the documents out of DocuSign and into Salesforce - DocuSign's UI for managing documents lacks many usability features and is not very good for large organizations with many departments.

You can watch the full presentation below: