March 17, 2014
Welcome to the ... page

Initially this post was going to simply be titled "Welcome", but when I typed it in, the suggested text popped up with the title seen above. I found it rather amusing and perhaps a little apt. I have no idea where it's from - some test content on another project, surely. Wherever it was from, there's no doubt it was simple throwaway text - but here, it functions quite nicely as a short introduction that is surprisingly full of meaning.

  1. First and foremost it reminds me very much of "Hello World", another phrase that is trite and meaningless in all contexts except programming. The programming association is of course important, since this is my website and I am a programmer and developer.

    "Hello World" is usually used as a first test - either a test of technology (a programming language, a compiler, hardware, etc.) or a test of knowledge (the first program written by most programmers, and probably rewritten in many languages throughout their lives.) Both of these tests can be thought of philosophically as the cry of a newborn - a cry asserting, I exist! It is difficult to think of a more noble pronouncement. As this website is subtitled, "Programming, Design and Philosophy", the many associations that this phrase invokes are all, to some extent, applicable.

  2. The ellipsis functions nicely as both a variable - "fill in the blank'. The first is of course quite applicable to this website since it focuses not on any one particular technology or subject, but on all the technologies and subjects that I happen to come across and find interesting enough to write about, reflect upon, and share. Ergo the title is a nice template that might be applicable to every page on the website.

  3. Finally, the most obvious meaning - a greeting to whoever is here. I thank you for coming here and reviewing my works and thoughts, and hope you find them edifying.

Such meaning, derived from an incident of technology. That is a topic, by the way, that I hope to write more about, in much greater depths - the beauty that can emerge from an automated technological process. The meaning that can be applied to something which in other contexts would be chaotic, meaningless, or at the very least, trite or commonplace. If you wish to be reductionist enough, this is what computers are based around - interpreting electrical signals, or pixels on a screen. (Of course, it you really want to be reductionist enough, all existence may fit this description - thought is the interpretation of arrangements of atoms. Matter is transatory - meaning persists. But I don't wish to get into discussions regarding the contraversial contrary - how the arrangement of atoms leads to thought - so I'll leave this here.)

This is a good place to finish this post. I have brought in all three of the main topics of this website - Programming, Design, and Philosophy too. With any luck I will be able to continue to do so in future posts.

Again, welcome to G Powered. Welcome to the ... page.