Galvatron is an educational IDE at the heart of the Genost system. This IDE allows students to create algorithms using the Objective-G language, and to send these algorithms to either the Simulator, or the eRobotic robot.

The Galvatron IDE, because it implements Objective-G, is fundamentally drag-and-drop, and is designed around this form of interaction. Students can drag blocks from panels and drop them in the main canvas to build their algorithm, as can be seen in this video.

This IDE integrates teaching features - students are required to log in, and upon doing so, Galvatron pulls information about their current class, and the lessons that this class uses, into the IDE. Students may then browse, select a lesson, and complete it. Metrics about the student's performance are recorded as the student works through her lessons. This is all powered using the Genost API.

Galvatron is also highly customizable - all blocks available to the student are loaded in at runtime via an XML file. This means that the student may be presented only with the blocks relevent to the pertinent lesson at any one time. It also means that new functionality may be easily added into the Objective-G language without requiring a rewrite of the Galvatron software.

The Galvatron IDE is built in Microsoft Silverlight and was developed as part of my Master's Thesis for Computer Science.

See a demo of Galvatron.