Intel Autobot

The Intel Autobot was developed / improved as part of my Computer Science Engineering Capstone project. The robot itself was developed jointly by Carl Hayden High School and ASU; as part of my Capstone, the hardware was replaced or improved, and the robot itself was made service-oriented.

Robot as a Service (RaaS) involves defining a standard set of web services which are hosted on the robot; by consuming these services, remote programs can control the robot over the web, or gather information that the robot has collected. The Intel Autobot was set up with three services: one which controlled its motors (allowing remote control), one which gathered information from its sonar / magnetic compass sensors, and one which gathered proximity information from an attached Kinect.

These services were consumed by our MazeNav program; maze navigation algorithms developed in MazeNav would be executed remotely by sending data from the sensors and receiving motor data.

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