The Objective-G language was designed and built for the Genost project as a lanugage with which to teach students computational thinking. It supports procedural constructs (loops, if statements), variables and methods. It is strongly typed.

The language is designed to be both simple enough to be easily understood as a student's first language, but also to be powerful enough to create advanced algorithms. The language is Turing-complete and supports all procedural programming techniques, including procedure calls and recursion.

Objective-G is a graphical drag-and-drop language that uses characteristics of the graphical blocks (color, shape) to indicate how the blocks may be put together. Syntax errors are impossible within Objective-G.

The language is interpreted; the interpreter is built in Java and is used to power both the Galvatron Simulator and the eRobotic platform. This language was developed as part of my Master's Thesis for Computer Science.