Garret G. Walliman

Work Experience:

White Peaks Consulting - Director

October 2018 - Current

  • Presently the director and lead engineer for White Peaks, a software consulting company specializing in Salesforce implementations.


Carvana - Salesforce Developer
May 2016 - October 2018

  • Worked as one of two senior developers on a team of 9 Salesforce supporting employees.
  • Managed design and development of a Salesforce implementation with 400+ daily active users.
  • Salesforce implementation is tightly integrated with .NET stack website. Data is shared between the two systems via REST API. I helped manage and maintain this connection.
  • Helped design and roll out Carvana's Lightning transition, including the development of custom Lightning pages.
  • Built custom work item routing technology utilizing Salesforce cases
  • Built custom nightly recall import to link recalls to vehicle records, send out email via Marketo, provide recall information on a dashboard via Visualforce
  • Designed, implemented and deployed several object decompositions involving system-wide changes, in order to simplify data model, improve performance, and provide better stability for future development.
  • Built complex, self-maintaining algorithm to calculate local delivery time for a customer
  • Assisted with the design and development of several interactive Visualforce dashboards / apps for several purposes, including call note intake, customer status overview, and work tasks
  • Designed and maintained Agile development process for a large Salesforce team. Salesforce is integrated with version control (Git) and migration / deployment techniques using the Gearset migration tool. This process is used daily by both developers and Salesforce administrators.


ASU University Technology Office - Systems Analyst
August 2015 - May 2016

  • Served as one of three primary developers for ASU's Salesforce org (the largest higher education implementation of Salesforce at time of writing)
  • Served as primary developer for ASU's DocuSign implementation.
  • Built integrations between Salesforce, DocuSign, Drupal and other systems, utilizing both ESB systems (Mulesoft) and custom integrations.
  • Built and maintained a highly fault-tolerant middleware system which processed all of ASU's online RFI forms, deduplicated the forms and inserted them into Salesforce.
  • Performed major refactor and design of ASU's Salesforce codebase, reducing number of SOQL queries and DML statements by over 50%.


ASU University Technology Office – Web Site Specialist:                                                                            
May 2013 – August 2015

  • Worked on small, cutting-edge development team powering university-wide Salesforce rollout. Developed various functionalities to support the university mission with Salesforce.
  • Worked in developing contract sites for the University, primarily with Drupal. Created new features and themes for these sites; also provided testing and technical support.
  • Managed ASU’s Docusign implementation and rollout. Developed integrations with the Docusign software.
  • Developed and managed many integrations between systems in use at ASU, including Drupal, Docusign, Salesforce, AppXtender, and others.
  • Websites developed:,,
  • Built Salesforce Query Drupal module for general integration between Drupal and Salesforce


ASU University Technology Office – Management Intern – Drupal Dev:                                 
November 2011 – May 2013

  • Worked in developing contract sites for the University, primarily with Drupal. Created new features and themes for these sites; also provided testing and technical support.
  • Acquired extensive familiarity with CAS Single Sign On system, helped to set up single sign on/off for many ASU websites.
  • Websites developed:,
  • Wrote core algorithms for the Arizona Dept. of Education’s FreeThrows mathematics game:


ASU University Technology Office – IDEAL Support Center, Support Specialist:                                    
Sept. 2009 – 
November 2011

  • Provided technical support (phone and email) for IDEAL online learning platform.
  • Led a team of support specialists, ensuring the quality of each member’s work and tutoring new team members.
  • Created and narrated video tutorials and tours for users of the IDEAL website and for new support specialists.
  • Designed new support center knowledgebase and subsequently maintained its content.


G Technologies – Head Technician:
Sep. 2010 – Present

  • Self-owned small business specializing in web development, custom computer building and computer maintenance. Worked with clients to provide professional websites and developed features to their specifications.
  • See portfolio ( for list of items developed.



Masters of Science in Computer Science – May 2015

  • Arizona State University, Tempe Campus
  • GPA: 4.00

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering – May 2013

  • Arizona State University
  • GPA 4.10
  • Awards:
    • Moeur Award for Oustanding Academic Achievement,
    • 2012 – 2013 Distinguished Graduate in Computer Systems Engineering


Research / Projects:

Graduate Thesis: Genost: A System for Introductory Computer Science Education With a Focus in Computational Thinking

  • Created novel educational approach to teach students introductory computational thinking skills
  • Created web software tool, robotic hardware, RESTful web service API and curriculum to implement educational approach
  • Held two classes with Arizona students grades 7 – college freshmen, taught students using this software and curriculum
  • Research revealed the Genost system was highly effective at teaching computational thinking skills
  • The Genost system won first place in Intel’s 2014 Shanghai Cup


Undergraduate Thesis: GCKEngine – An Automatic Ontology-Building Algorithm

  • Created algorithm to automatically build ontology for set of documents. Used to create basic semantic search engine.
  • Used novel approach to extract important keywords from documents.


Undergraduate Capstone: Intel Autobot Project

  • Led team of five students for yearlong capstone project.
  • Created service-oriented “robot as a service” robotics platform, integrated with web application used to facilitate teaching studentsalgorithm design.
  • Ranked as finalist in 2013 Intel Cornell Cup



Switching to Lightning: The Carrot or the Stick?

  • Presented at Dreamforce 2017 alongside a Salesforce success specialist and a Carvana coworker.
  • Discussed Carvana's experience with implementing the Lightning framework for Salesforce.
  • Focused especially on helping end users switch from classic to Lightning experience.
  • View presentation here

Using Docusign + Salesforce to Simplify and Automate Student Forms: Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 2016

  • Presented my work at ASU on integrating Salesforce and Docusign.
  • Discussed automating form creation and autofill with Docusign for Salesforce managed package, and automatic Salesforce object creation / update upon form completing with Docusign Connect.
  • Higher Ed Summit is Salesforce's yearly conference for all implementations of Salesforce in higher education. 2016's summit was attended by over 1,200 university employees and administrators.
  • Video Link

What My Professors Didn't Teach Me - Developer Skills: What They Are, Why They're Important, and What You Should Know About Them

  • Presented to ASU's Software Developers Association (SoDA) in March 2016.
  • Discussed my experience as a professional web developer and the necessary skills for my job that were not taught in my college classes.
  • These skills include version control, ticketing software, multi-branch development workflow, package managers, as well as general awareness of communication between two computers, communication between software, and how to secure this communication.
  • Public Prezi of this presentation can be found here.
  • I have also turned this presentation into a series of blog posts, the first one of which can be found here.


Technical Skills:


  • Salesforce: highly skilled in Salesforce development, both backend (Apex) and frontend (Visualforce).
  • Node.js: decently familiar with building and maintaining Node.js applications. Integrated with multiple database types including PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Drupal (6, 7): expert in Drupal core functionality as well as major Drupal modules (Views, Rules, DS, OG, etc.) Built several custom Drupal modules, Drupal media galleries, Drupal ecommerce, advanced workflows.
  • MySQL: high familiarity with MySQL specifically and database concepts in general.
  • Service-Oriented Computing: worked in-depth with the SOC/SOA paradigm at college; graduate thesis and undergraduate capstone project was heavily involved with SOC. Have built many different RESTful APIs for various projects.
  • Unix/Linux: extensive development experience in Unix/Linux; significant on-server work done for both school and work.
  • Microsoft Silverlight: used in graduate thesis
  • ASP.Net: used in undergraduate projects as well as for undergraduate capstone project.

Programming Languages:

  • Apex (Salesforce-specific development language, similar to Java)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • VHDL


  • Agile Development: have worked in various Agile teams in both school and work. Worked in both Scrum and Kanban style.
  • Gitflow: experienced with standard Gitflow project management methodology



 References Available Upon Request